Working with a Designer
R.W. Shea & Company, unique and distinctive home furnishingsDiscover the Advantages of Working with a Designer

Working with a qualified interior design professional who uses the Ohio Design Centre is the ideal avenue for gaining access to the exclusive showrooms that feature over 400 manufacturers of exclusive home furnishings merchandise. Interior designers have the professional training, in-depth knowledge of product, costs, vendor services and the experience to effectively manage all details of a project.

Designers will assist you with:

•    selection of paint colors and finishes
•    choosing quality furnishings and accessories
•    development of floor plans
•    procuring specialized antique, art or accessories
•    overseeing the work of contractors
•    lighting design
•    kitchen and bath design
•    architectural elements
•    window treatments and upholstered pieces

How Designers Work

Please keep in mind that all interior design professionals are independent contractors. Designers normally structure their fees in one of these ways:

  1. Project Basis (the designer earns a flat fee based upon the specific project. Normally all merchandise is purchased at the designer's cost. Usually items such as freight, delivery, storage, crating and sales taxes are additional costs).
  2. A "cost-plus" percentage (the cost of materials plus an agreed-upon percentage).
  3. Hourly Basis (the designer earns a fee for the time spent shopping and selecting items, consulting and installing).

Depending upon the type of project, the interior design professional will determine which fee will work best for your project. While the Ohio Design Centre may refer you to an interior design professional, the Ohio Design Centre does not negotiate or take responsibility for contractual terms and agreements between designers and their clients.

Purchase Policy

Consumers are welcome to visit The Ohio Design Centre. Please check each showroom’s policy on selling to consumers prior to or during your visit. Many showrooms do sell to the general public; a few remain “to-the-trade” only. For showrooms that sell directly to consumers, the public is encouraged to take advantage of items available from the floor or order custom products with the help of showroom sales staff. For trade only showrooms, consumers may access product via our Designer-On-Call program (a consulting and buying service) or are welcome to engage a professional interior designer on their own. Design professionals provide buying assistance, as well as specific interior design services suited to your unique style, budget and personality.